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What Facebook Shop by Shopify Means for Your Online Business

How can Facebook shop section impact your business? What Facebook shop by Shopify means for your online business?


The collaboration between Shopify and Facebook allows Shopify sellers to sell items directly on their Facebook Page. Once a visitor comes to your Facebook page and clicks on a product, the sellers can send to the Shopify store or allow them to buy the product directly on Facebook’s website or mobile application.

This is a great opportunity for online sellers who are interested in increasing brand visibility, streamline the purchasing process, and gain customers.

If you are a Shopify store owner, here is what you should know about Facebook and what Facebook shop by Shopify means for your online business.

Facebook’s new “Shop” option is not the first partnership between Shopify and Facebook. There was the “Buy” button which allows Shopify sellers sell to Facebook users with paid advertisements. This was an excellent option for mobile shoppers who have had to fight through slow or unsteady load times, unresponsive websites, and clunky navigation to purchase an item.

Shopify and Facebook took retail and selling integration to the next level with the new “Shop” section. This option extends Facebook functionality to all Shopify users – effectively gifting business owners a new sales channel that makes the process of buying a product easier.

If you are like most Shopify sellers, you probably use Facebook to build brand loyalty, generate leads, send traffic to your website, and etc. Facebook can help you transform your store from a promotional space into an active selling platform.

Once you will get the potential customer’s attention on Facebook, you need to guide them to your Facebook business page, to your online store and encourage them to purchase the products. With all those opportunities out there, there are some stores that suffer low conversion rate, even with a great social media expertise.

The Facebook “Shop” option lowers the distraction-related to buying online, simplifying the path from discovery to purchase and give a great solution for using the power of social commerce.

If you are now convinced that having a Facebook shop by Shopify will have a positive impact on your online business, head on over to Shopify, choose an ecommerce plan (Shopify offers different ecommerce plans and solutions), and make your store one of the most popular and successful storefronts on Facebook.

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