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Selling on Facebook with Shopify: Shopify Allows Stores to Sell In Facebook Messenger

Interested in selling on Facebook with Shopify? Did you know that Shopify now allows stores to sell directly in Facebook Messenger? Read this article and find out more!


One of the most popular ecommerce solutions in the market – Shopify bring its sellers the chance to converse directly with potential customers via Facebook Messenger and now it is launching the opportunity to sell your products directly within messages between the customers and the stores.

If you are interested in selling on Facebook with Shopify, now is the right time for you to set up your own Facebook store and start selling.

The integration works by giving your customers the “Shop Now” options when they start a conversation with any Business Page store on Facebook using the Shopify Messenger sales channel. This channel presents a product catalog and allows the potential customers to browse and buy and complete the transaction via the Shopify checkout portal.

Ecommerce solution Shopify sees a lot of great potential using Messenger as a strategy for direct sales. From an end-customer point of view, it is pretty unusual to think of messaging a certain business first when you want to get in touch with them. The goal is to have a little bit different experience, for example, when you walk into a store and you want to share with the seller some of the issues you are experiencing or discuss the things you are looking for to purchase.

Facebook Messenger is a complementary channel. It allows sellers to do things such as sending ordering status receipts to customers via the platform, offering support, and etc. This helps in establishing a direct relationship that could further lead to direct purchases and successful business cooperation.

Shopify is the leader in the ecommerce world and online selling. Some of the recent launches impressed us and the sellers. There is an iOS keyboard that works as a comprehensive back-end toolkit for sellers who sell via social applications or other messaging applications.

If you are looking for a way to increase your sale or promote your Shopify store, Facebook is definitely the best way to do it. You have numerous options to choose from, various marketing strategies to try, and endless possibilities to explore. This sounds pretty interesting, right?

Set up your own Facebook store with Shopify and start selling today!

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